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    This website was created in August 2000 and its purpose is to provide the most comprehensive information on the net about the many windmills found on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca (Spain). Originally, the site was named "The Water Pumping windmills of Mallorca" and was hosted under yahoo/geocities. Then in October 2001, the site was expanded to include the more traditional flour grinding windmills and under its own domain name. Even though there are many wate mills in Mallorca, this site does not deal with them.

    The total number of visitors to this site since August 2000 exceeded 4000 at the end of April. The average number of daily visitors is increasing every month.

    The site has a number of links to other windmill pages or to other pages with some reference or photogrph of mallorcan windmills. All these links are checked on a regular basis to minimnise the occurrence of broken links. If you find a "dead" link please advice me sending an email. If you have any pictures of Mallorcan windmills or any other windmills, you can have them posted in my "friends pictures" section. A guestbook has been added recently, please visit it and sign. I am very interested in hearing your comments, but you can also send me an email to

    Over the coming months I will be adding a number of new sections, so please come back to check my progress. Some of these new section are listed in the "Coming Soon" page.

    This site has versions in two other languages, Spanish and Catalan. To change language use the relevant link on the bottom-right hand corner of each page.

    Philip Graves
    London, May 2003
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